Friday, 6 July 2012

Coraline: Goodreads Review

Originality: ****
Writing Style: ***
Overall Rating: 3.5

Ahhh…the good old-fashioned monster-under-the-bed story, only this time the monster isn’t under the bed but on the other side of the drawing-room door.


I have to give to Neil Gaiman for the original settings.

You can tell it’s supposed to be children’s book from the very beginning by the extremely simple writing.
(I swear, people say Hemingway’s style is the key to a good book, but too many simple sentences aren’t in your favor if you’re writing a “grown up” book)

If you’re a good reader (meaning you read more than 12 books a year) you will probably find this fact a major obstacle, but in all truth, you won’t notice it very much when the exciting stuff begin.

If I learnt any else from this book, it was that I watch too much TV shows (Is it strange that when I read “ageing Highland terriers who had names like Hamish and Andrew” I thought of BBC’s “Sherlock” (although if you read about a highland terrier Hamish who gets called “brave little soldier” and NOT think of John Watson, then you must live in a cave) and when Coraline puts on her blue jacket/sweater/whatever and red scarf I though of Merlin?)

I bet...

I’ve also watched the movie and I feel like the book needs something…more. Maybe it’s shortness doesn’t give us more information about Coraline’s life, but seeing as it’s meant for children, it does make sense leaving out all the “uninteresting” parts, so I do understand.

Believe me, making a little kid focus on something for more than few minutes is a miracle.

The only thing I truly regret is that Wybie wasn’t an original character (it seems) and he wasn’t in the book at all (damn shame, he was one of my favourite!)

Ahh, I wish I’ve read this book when I was little; I’m sure I would have liked it even better.

But for now, it’s good enough :)

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