Saturday, 25 February 2012

Uglies: Goodreads Review

You know what I don’t like? Shallow people. You know what I really hate? Lying shallow people. But, do you know what I REALLY REALLY hate? Two-faced betraying, lying and shallow people. 
Well, ladies and gentlemen, meet Tally Young blood.

This is officially the WORST BOOK I’VE READ.EVER.
I’ll never ever read a book written by Scott Westerfeld.
I can’t even believe so many goodreads readers had given this book high ratings, as much as I wonder how could there be someone so incompetent!

In the beginning of the novel I though she was just childish and shallow. All she wanted was to be pretty! Yey! *dripping sarcasm* throughout the novel, our “honorable heroine” didn’t even hesitate on spying on her best friend (she literally sold her out), “accidentally” stealing her boyfriend, betraying the whole group and cold-bloodedly lying her way through. 

Don’t even get me started with David, whose character was flatter than my grandma’s newspaper. The character is written as either stupid or incredibly stupid. 

The romance was actually the part where the author’s complete incompetence shone bright like a blue supergiant. So, okay. David sees Tally and oh!Her increadible character and courage made him fall so deeply in love (for about 2 weeks) for him to rat out all his family’s secrets. Yeah, right…And poor Tally totally didn’t know she was madly in love with him until he kissed her, and, screw her best friend! She was prettier, right? Josh, this nearly made me barf my guts out.

There was only one character in the whole book that I kinda admired - Shay. She was noble, had believes. Of course the other members of the camp won’t believe Tally is a spy! Shay must be lying! And when all hell broke loose and there was a real potential for some kind of personal conflict, guess what Westerfeld’s next brilliant move was? To turn Shay into a brainless pretty. Yaeeeeh, I lost all *nonexistent * respect for the person calling himself author. 

You can’t just eliminate your characters’ problems like that! You make them face them and grow into better people, God damn it! This is more than writter’s “cheating”, it’s more than bad writing. It’s complete and utter TRASH! You can’t turn you’re character into the absolute worst type of human being and then make readers like her with a desperate attempt to show her as “noble” by putting together some rescue mission at the very end and make her shred some “remorseful” tears. She didn’t seem very guilty while rating them out or stealing David, did she?

In the end, let me say something: with this book Westerfeld managed to make his protagonist as repulsive and disgusting as possible and kill my faith in human morals all at once. Well, congratulations! You made me barf. I only regret I don’t have my own copy so I could burn it. 

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