Thursday, 13 June 2013

"Anya's Ghost" and "Friends With Boys"

Anya’s Ghost                                                                                       Friends With Boys
Art: 5                                                                                                   Art:5
Story: 2                                                                                               Story:4
Overall rating: 3.5                                                                             Overall rating: 4.5

I don’t know why exactly, maybe because I’ve been wanting to read it for a while now, but “Anya’s Ghost” was strangely…disappointing. Don’t get me wrong – the art was top notch; the characters were like the copy of the same base, it has good sense of concept and the colour gamma was perfect for the “mood” of the story. The thing is…well, the story itself. It felt lacking somehow and quite predictable. The heroine was so annoying at the beginning, that, seriously, I knew there was supposed to be a “transformation”; a switch of beliefs (she would have been unbearable otherwise). She’s not the prettiest, miss popular boo-HU. She doesn’t seem like a pleasant person to be around by the way she treats her family and friends.
Also I’d like to address a comment by Anya, but seriously, Orthodox churches not letting people wear pants? Really, I’ve been Orthodox all my life, I must have missed the memo, along the whole female population of my country, ‘cause if we have to be honest, Orthodox is maybe the most people-tolerant Christian religion.
 But still the book’s dynamic felt off; the story was a bit shallow and predictable and I don’t know, I’m just disappointed. It’s perfect for younger people though, I’m sure me at the age of 10-15 would have appreciated it more.

    “Friends with boys” on the other hand, was quite the pleasant surprise. I started it right after Anya’s ghost (I didn’t know there was a ghost in it as well) and for about the same amount of pages I got way cooler ghost/family/coming of age story. It’s got a complex plot, has lots of characters, all with their own problems and back stories and the main heroine was way more likable. The story was interesting and the motives of the characters were personal and believable (nothing like the superficial need of Anya to find a boyfriend, to look cool, yada yada). I liked Maggie’s interactions with her brothers.
 A small gem in my opinion.

And speaking of, what the hell is happening with modern graphic novels? Visiting my local bookstore, and spending the morning through the comic racks, I was left with the feeling there were no variety of quality graphic novel anymore. The ones that were good were really just a handful that I’ve already read. The majority was weird pseudo-i-don’t-even-know art.

But I found a couple that I’m eager to get my hands on, so stay tuned, guys J

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