Sunday, 16 June 2013

Craig Thompson: "Blankets"

Graphic Novel
by Craig Thompson 

Art: 4
Story: 2
Overall rating: 3

Craig Thompson’s “Blankets” is the by far, his most read and acknowledged creation. It’s an autobiography of Thomson’s teenage years and it talks about first love, family and how religion fits in all this.
I read “Habibi” last year, and I can see a defined pattern. Both stories talk about religion and how “love” and “good” struggle to fit into its norms. The art style is just as dynamic, if a little bit hectic, but that could be because of the different settings of the story, the different mood, or nearly ten years of practicing.

The story is as always, very abstract and spiritually bound, but while I could understand “Habibi” and at the end, I felt as I’ve learned something for myself, “Blankets’” ending left me wondering what was the point. From what I gathered, the only result that the events had on Craig was his re-definition of “faith”. And it’s good and all, but the relationship with Raina felt pointless. Why did we get so many pages of sighing and worshiping of her beauty? All it was was a simple, high school affair.

The only interesting part of the story was when the author talked about his relationship with his brother and while I loved it, it was pointless as well. What was the purpose of telling all those stories? There was no moral there, nothing to be learned or dramatically changed.

All in all, it was a nice graphic novel, but nothing special and couldn’t surpass my expectations seeing how popular it is. “Habibi” stays as Thompson’s best work on my list. 

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