Saturday, 15 June 2013

"The Internet is a Playground" or the phenomenon that are blogs-into-books

The Internet is a Playground
Humorous novel?(blog-into-book)
by David Thorne 

Originality: *
Writing Style: ***
Characterization: ?
Overall Rating: 2

Well, look at that! Another bestselling “humorous” blog-turned-into-book.

Is it becoming a genre? Internet “celebrities” writing shit and then getting called authors? After my sparkling review on “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” I think we can come to the conclusion that this review won’t be full of praises.
And okay, this is uncalled for. While “Let’s pretend this never happened” was entirely too boring and annoying, “The Internet is a Playground” actually did have it’s moments. Few and far in between, but they were there.

Unfortunately, this is where the good stuff end. Throughout the whole book, it felt as if the author was always trying to pick a fight for fighting’s sake, no other reason. At first it was tolerable, but then it got quite obvious and annoying. Again, I don’t know the author, I haven’t read his blog, so I judge the content and the writing style from what I’ve read here. And it’s not much. It is interesting to see some of the crazy stories he comes up with and how long he keeps the façade, but this could work only for a little while.

I’m giving it 2 stars, because it was not good, but still, not the worst thing I’ve read. 

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