Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I Never Liked You: The Autobiographic Story of Chester Brown

I Never Liked You
Graphic Novel
Art: 3
Story: 1
Overall rating: 2

Another autobiographic graphic novel.
The sad thing is that the most interesting thing about this novel is its comic strip-like structure.

I would say it tells the story of Chester Brown, but it really doesn’t - there’s no story, just glimpses of Chester’s boring existence.
There’s one pattern throughout the whole book though, and that’s the female role in Chester’s life. Chester doesn’t seem to be able to communicate with his fellow human beings, so it’s basically a novel, focused on his interactions (or failures to do so) with four females – his crush Sky, his neighbour Carrie (who’s also crazy about him) and her sister Connie, and his mother.

Now, I’m not sure which relationship I hated the most. He led on Carrie (who was super creepy), was a dick to Sky and even bigger asshole to his mom. I have no idea why his relationship with Connie was mentioned at all, as till the very end, it doesn’t seem significant enough.
The story was messy; it was a novel of little pieces unsuccessfully patched in an attempt to form a story but full of so many facts, it’s impossible to form a bigger picture. It had Grand Canyon worth of issues and, honestly, it left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Not recommending it anytime soon. 

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