Wednesday, 31 July 2013

When David Lost His Voice

When David Lost His Voice
Graphic Novel
Art: 5
Story: 4
Overall rating: 4.5

“When David Lost His Voice” s a beautifully told story of a family facing cancer. It uses different points of view to build rounder picture. The art was good, the family members and their different coping mechanisms were also very interesting to observe. It also helps that it doesn’t have the “traditional” family structure.
So, the art is good and the story is good. Why’d I give it 4 stars then?

While I did like the novel as a whole I can’t say was satisfied with it. The story was good, but it lacked depth to make it great and I feel like it has time only to scratch the surface of the problem. Still, while it had lots of potential but it didn’t live up to it, I still believe it was pretty good. 

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